Please add more currencies for card top-up


Hi team,

Still only 9 currencies available.

Anyone heard from Support team when will new ones be added and which ones are on top of the roadmap please?



Revolut is No. 1 in providing incomplete services.:wink: It would be nice if it supported at least all EEA currencies.:heart_eyes:


@arnaud I apologize to you and others if you feel affected by my joke. I promise to be more careful to be “politically correct”.


See post quoted above.


Thanks for your message. Of course I agree with all of it. I had actually read that other thread already.
Just seems a bit unbalanced to have that many currencies that you can hold and trade at interbank rate, but dont have the opportunity to top-up or transfer in/out in all those currencies.
This gives me the impression it is more a question of prioritizing the development of certain features over others, more than a question of waiting for regulatory approvals. Either way, I was just wondering what we can expect to be coming over the next few months in that area, whether it is driven by Compliance or not…


Yes, but at the same time you need to remember that these features are separate into two different parts.

-1) Currency account: The 26 currencies (Due to expand.) that can be exchanged for, held in ‘cash’ and spent via debit card.
-2) Card top-up: Local currency top-up (Therefore not incurring conversion/FX exchange fees.).
-3) IBAN addresses: For both first-party top-up and third-party transfers.

I have no insight into how the teams are arranged at Revolut, but my educated guess is that there are different teams working on different projects(/products).

Broadly, I assume that the major teams at Revolut are:
-Front-end app development work, for iOS and Android.
-Back-end infrastructure work, working on integrating Revolut’s in-house architecture with third-party financial infrastructure and third-party payment networks (Mastercard, SWIFT, …).
-Team assigned for implementing cryptocurrency support.
-Team assigned for going through the process of obtaining a UK banking licence.
-Financial/operational team assigned for expanding currency support (#1 above.), and liaising with national and intergovernmental regulatory agencies.
-Financial/operational team assigned for expanding IBAN support (#3 above.), and liasing with national and intergovernmental regulatory agencies.
-Financial/operational team assigned for partnering with local financial institutions to ensure local top-ups (#2) and IBAN (#3) can be established.
-Team in charge of ‘Revolut for Business’.
-Team in charge of ‘Revolut Premium’.
-Team responsible for developing future products (Revolut Insurance, Revolut Wealth.).
-Operations/project management staff.
-Business development/partnerships team.
-Corporate finance team, for scoping out potential acquisitions of smaller startups/companies, for liaising with existing investors and for handling crowdfunding rounds.
-Marketing team.
-HR team.
-Legal team.
-Compliance/KYC+AML team.
-Customer support.

Therefore the development of a specific feature isn’t at the expense of another, and that all of these developments run in parallel.

Implementing a new currency, for the currency account product, is said to be relatively simple once the infrastructure has been built.

Implementing IBANs & ACH/ABA on the other hand, are more complex, as these have to be implemented and negotiated on an ad hoc basis. Every national regulator will have their own specifications and policies that Revolut will have to comply with.

This will take longer than implementing IBANs for different countries, therefore the disparity between the number of IBANs available (Currently only 1 at the moment: EUR IBAN.) and the number of currencies available as part of the currency account offering.

I am sure that the long-term goal is 1:1 parity for currencies and IBANs/ACH–ABAs.

Local Bank Transfers - Australian Bank Accounts

@capital Nice summary. I appreciate it. But I do not understand why the Revolut does not even offer a wallet in the national currency for the three countries of the EEA (BG, CZ and IS). Despite the fact that CZK was the third preferred currency according to the Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊 . And that the BGN has a fixed EUR exchange rate. However, Revolut users in these countries have to pay higher weekend surcharges than other.


VIR - HUF eg.was added. But no card top up like 8 other currencies. No national iban - but this is only for GBP and EUR anyway for all other currencies just a GB IBAn making top up very very expensive… the only use to have some new currencies is exchange them to avoid the weekend 1% extra charge… So you get once CZK but top up will be not better. Top up is still EUR, GBP or 8 other currencies with MC debit card incl scandies + pln + ron… so for a while still on rhe waiting line… Sure biggest customer base is UK and EUR zone -we should accept it…


@andras.szalkai How HUF has been added, and that HUF can not be directly charged, I know about it. It is at least a step forward. But for the three currencies mentioned above, I can not see any progress.


Thanks @capital, all good points as always.

On a side note, I dont think they have that many teams. It’s still a small start-up in the end :slight_smile: They prob have a few product owners and several agile/scrum teams for the dev & delivery. Then I guess they have a few support functions to handle centrally marketing/revenues, partnerships, user support and compliance/regulatory approvals.

But anyways, back to the inital point: I’m wondering what is keeping Revolut from delivering the top-ups and transfer in/out in the various currencies. Is it because they dont have the right partners for that yet, or is it because they decided to prioritize the delivery of other features (I’m sure the crypto currency required lots of efforts for instance). And either way, main question is when could we expect at least the major currencies to be available for card top-up.

From my perspective, offering a free way to top-up (ie. a free way to use Revolut services) is probably the fastest and easiest way of aquiring new customers.

I’m sure the bitcoin feature is going to drive lots of growth and increase brand awareness through the buzz it will generate, so I can understand the strategy, but on my end, very selfishly, I’m more interested in the core features :wink:

@AndreasK any insight on new currencies available for top-up by card?


The Sunday Times reported that they have over 200 staff.

I can’t remember where I exactly read it, but I read about how they’re onboarding 20 new staff per month around the world.

It has raised over $86m, with $66m in the last round. A small startup no more.

Over 800,000 users as well, on track for over 1 million by the end of year.

As I mentioned before, I strongly believe that development of features (Both financial, and in the app.) are in parallel.

I have no insight into the actual process, but my assumption is that the top-up/transfer ins are more complex, because they require partner banks in the local financial institutions to help process these currencies.

This deal-making more time than implementing new currencies for currency accounts.

Speculation on my part again, but:

-1) EEA: EEA countries and EEA currencies distinctly different from the EU/Eurozone.
-2) Size of market & market demand: Given how these countries in the EEA are smaller, they’re less of a priority than say, CHF.

Both features–base currency top-up, and currencies for every single country where possible–I assume, will come to every currency in time.

Revolut has decided to take the approach of releasing each new currency and each new feature as they are able to (Infrastructure and regulators abiding.), rather than holding it back and releasing it all at the end (e.g. All EU countries/EEA currencies, but that would possibly take 2018.).


Hadnt realize it had grown that much already. I’ve read about the 0.8m customers and the fund raising but I guess I missed the amount… same with the employee count… Nice success. Well deserved.

Now back to selfishly waiting for SGD/HKD card top-up. Then I take the Premium plan :slight_smile: and MAD transfer-out would be the cherry on the cake.


opened a new request here: HUF top-up with card payment


HUF top up please. I wanna forget my hungarian bank account and use only Revoult


You forgot to mention HRK :wink: