Please add Gold as a currency

Just updated to 6.29 full release, beta only restriction removed but still not possible to create XAU account :thinking:

Does it mean that we will be owning actual gold somewhere is the world, or like stock trading?

Like stock trading. XAU details here

Could be also implemented like Uphold does it.

Premium & Metal user should be able to buy Gold in 6.31 but I haven’t found it yet!

Right, go to your plan and tap on commodities.
After that gold appears in currencies and you can create a wallet with gold.


If you have access to Revolut’s trading feature, you might find stocks in funds that track Gold and other precious metals?


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It’s already available on some* plans. Update the app, head over to the dashboard. If you’re eligible, there’s a new “Commodities” section.

(The change log in the app stores should clarify this. I remember having read it there, I just can’t remember what exactly it said.)

Just made a very small investment in gold, as a test. All very straightforward. Obviously, I’d caution that if there’s one thing you wouldn’t necessarily buy to the sound of cannons…

It is available in the UK, but the GBP XAU rate is - at least on my side - currently wrong and when you try to set the autoexchange the app crashes.

So it’s only available in UK. I understood from the statement that it’s for all metal clients…

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It’s available for me (Germany).

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I live in the Netherlands and Gold is available for me.

The statement also mentions Premium users. I cannot verify that however as I have a Metal account.

Hope it comes to Poland soon :slight_smile:

It works for plus customers. The bid-ask seems fairly correct now. The only problem remaining on my side is the autoexchange.

Hi again,
I have an impression that this gold exchange doesnt work in all countries. Regardless my Revolut app runs at 6.33, on Android.
Could anyone share a printscreen or explain how to set up the gold exchange?
I see it on my dashboard at “Rates” but not at my “Accounts”.

It has its own category on the dashboard.

Thanks. That one is missing for me. And I guess some others too…
I wonder why…? :thinking: