Please add back the top-up limit gauge

I cannot see my top-up limit as I have seen it before. I have verified my source of funds few weeks back and now I have updated to last version of iOs and some people on forum told me that it is not displayed anymore (asked that I cannot find it). Does the top up limit remains the same? It’s a pitty that I cannot see it… Any way to get back to the old app? The new one also has a very crowded UI…

There are quite a few contradicting statements ranging from there is no limit any longer to everything is still in place. Support couldnt provide a decisive answer either.

My summary, respectively best guess, is the limits are still in place but now shown for the time being. Revolut seems to call them now “dynamic limits” but that is not different from before.


Do you think that there’s any way to get back to the old app?

P.S. Did the limit reset at the new years eve or it was a rolling year? Had topped up like 20% from the limit they gave me after verification and I want to know so I don’t get my card blocked while traveling abroad…

For which platform, iOS or Android?

I believe it is a rolling year, from the time your account was verifiied.

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For iOS. Thanks for the answer:)

iOS I doubt. Android could be tricky, but AFAIK there is no way to get hold of a previous version for an iOS application.

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My guess is it’s considered by Rev to be an additional anti money laundering measure. No one knows exactly when they will be asked to account for where the money came from anymore😫

Doesnt Revolut call it not-spoiling-the-fun?

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