Platinum Metal Card



I got an email about the internship program but I do not know anyone but I still want the metal card. It should be added as a Premium Card.



@AndreasK @neil where do I subscribe for this program,(to get the new platinum card of course) :smiley:


I got an email, if you refer a specialist… something along those lines.

Is posting email screenshots against the T&C?, It has been forever since I read them.


It is a unique way to get employees for the company


:laughing: :laughing:


Are great things about to happen for the cards? The black card with silver is not available in the app anymore? Will it be changed forcthr platinum:smiley:


I dont see black card because i already have one.


Black card used to show though and I also already have one. Maybe it’s part of the Last app update.


Its because we cant have two :frowning:


The black/silver card used to be available in the card section(even if you already had that colour), also in the premium section(in the tab more) there are only 3 cards gold/goldblack/silver shown.

It could be that :r: is bringing something new to us, or because the black card was from paysafe (539123 BINs) that will be changed in 2018


Time will tell. :slight_smile:


Received a similar E-Mail, one Platinum Card if you can recommend them a specialist (in my case: hands-on marketers, PR specialists and business developers)… You get the card when Revolut makes a contract with “your recommended specialist”…

Somewhat, I miss the point in this “action”; Platinum-Credit-Cards are most used as “best accepted as there’s almost no limit on the Credit”, as a sign of “trust” of the issuer for the customer… With a prepaid or debit-creditcard (if you think about it, it’s an abdomination - CREDIT == credit, not debit), you still need the mony on it, and Revolut offers great settings to adjust your card-limits on your own needs…

Also, the “different colors” are … well, I’d prefer the “completly customized” card anyway; either with an uploaded foto (eg. a card for 15£ with your own image, or the normal card with different preset-layouts (transparent, black, pink for those who like it aso) but without “revolut-brand”, or revolut-ad on the card for normal 7… would be much better; as the normal colors (silver, gold, platinum) are normally used to indicate the “credit-frame” it works in…

But well - we’ll see what time (and revolut) will bring us :wink: (i hope for a smartcard with vpay and maestro, color - everything except pink) :wink:


Yeah, I agree. It is all a mystery (for now)


Actually, not so much.
First thing: they want to expand their business in the area stated in the E-Mail. But they want to minimize the expenses by “search & trial” the specialists on their own, so they ask their customers (actually a good idea - but the incentive is a bit “off”)… But this will take time, first actions won’t be here until summer 18 (more like automn 18)…

As for the missing “color”, I’d say it’s less expensive for Revolut… Many colors equals low volumes in each color, equals “it’s more expensive to print them”… Less colors results in a bigger volumes for the left ones, which equals in “it’s not so expensive to print in that color anymore”… A simple consolidation…

But it shows one thing:
when it boils down to transparency and communication, Revolut sure isn’t “beyond banking” as it would like to be :wink:


But you would think that the black silver one is the most used card, but it isnt


Actually I do believe the most used color-scheme is the “blue to purple-metallic” (standard-card) one, as the others are only available for premium-customers…

tl;dr: if I’d go Premium, I wouldn’t chose a black card-design… Already have a black one:

IMHO, a black/silver-card is nothing special. Many standard-CC (especially in DACH-Area) are issued black. If I’d have to choose another color-setting for a new card, I wouldn’t go black/silver; my swiss CC is black; got a postfinance-debit card in yellow, and the colorful revolut-card. Just to make it easier for my personal use, I’d choose another color-variant for a new card… Just to make it easy for me to “grab the cards by color”…

N26 (german fintech, more like traditional banks) used a new design with transparent elements, THAT looks cool - but is still “too much black” for my taste…

Then again, these “dark cards” may only be seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH-Area), don’t know about the UK, France, aso… May as well be that there, black cards are seldom so people want the Revolut-Card in black…


There is still something coming up very soon, probably within the next 2 weeks, but it’s probably related with Apple/Android pay.

Now, does than mean they can now do it because of the new cards issued by them? Are they bringing new colors as well?

2018 will sure bring lots of exciting changes, looking forward to it! :smiley:


Thanks for the information @the-mike.

Much appriciated.


Indeed. I am wating for 01.01.18


They must bring new things in 2018 as N26 has now rolled out their Black product(with travel insurance and some other features) to almost whole Europe and Monese also.

To keep a high position in the Europe Fintech market, :r: must introduce new and interesting products to “win” from N26 (as they are the only serious competitor for Revolut)