Plan Standart-limit for contactless payments

I’m with plan Standart.
What is the limit for contactless payments?
If I add my card to Google Pay, will I be able to pay contactlessly without a limit?


(Maybe a POS limit for a single transaction but a few thousand.)

Someone from :r: ?
I need an official opinion.

I suggest to contact in-app support chat then.

(Contactless card limits depend on national regulations and POS terminal configuration. Apple Pay / Google Pay limits depend on smartphone configuration regarding screen unlock, POS terminal configuration and local practice. And then there are general payment limits with Revolut cards, for withdrawals at ATMs for example, that are also in effect with mobile payments and don’t differ from the limits described in the FAQs for physical cards.)

A short answer is: no, there’s no limit when your phone is unlocked and the merchant accepts mobile payments for the amount in question. But it’s a little more complicated.

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Thanks for the reply.
I ask because I use the Revolut card for grocery shopping. And I often get a message that I’m approaching the limit for contactless payments. With the possibility of zeroing this limit. But I never understood what he was like. In my opinion it is 450 BGN / Bulgaria /. Besides, I haven’t received such a notification lately, and the transaction is not approved.

Hello! You don’t need an official answer from Revo support team.
This has nothing to do with your plan, not even Revolut. It has to do with your country’s contactless limit or the merchant POS.

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This limit is a security mechanism. When someone would steal your card, they would be able to pay infinite times for small amounts until your account balance is zero. To prevent this, the regulator wants you to verify your identity after a total sum was spent (the limit you’re talking about) or a specific number of payments occurred. This is called strong customer authentication. And in case of card payments, it means paying with PIN to “unlock” further contactless payments. This resets this counter.

Revolut offers an additional way to reset this counter, you can do it not just by making a payment using your PIN, you can reset it yourself in the cards section of the app. This section also shows you the limit and the amount you’ve left.

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Hello friends.
Thanks for your time and your answers. I found the settings in the application and now everything is clear.
Be healthy !

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The contactless limit without PIN using card :credit_card: ITSELF is
€50, £45, 100BGN, so on…(different country around this amount) by transaction.

The limits or mechanisms are not a secrets and writren in EU directive are:

€150 total amount of several sequential contactless pinless transactions, when over - pin request!
5 sequential transactions (any amount), on 6th - pin request!

Updated pos devices request to enter pin BUT
old pos devices declines paymen and chip must be inserted in pos and pin entered.

@vesodimov asks something else

When using *Pay (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Wena Pay, Fitbit Pay) there IS a PRE-AUTHORISATION, payer MUST UNLOCK device by Finger/FaceID/Pattern/PIN/Password - so this payments are PRE-VERIFIED, PRE-APPROVED and are not part of the limits (described above), so:

  • single payment is limitless (except county pos limit - €5000 if I’m not wrong, or bank depepndent, or card issuer limit of single transaction)
  • number of sequential contactless pinless transactions via *Pay are not limited


  • some phones allows payment with phone display awake but not unlocked, so no pre-authorisation - here €150/6th payment are triggered and pin will be requested.

  • some pos devices may have specific configurations (by bank) to mandatory request PIN if payment amount of transaction is over country specific contactless limit.
    (Example: Bulgaria >100 BGN, “Technopolis” 3 different shops).

This seems to be especially a UK thing. I’ve never seen this outside the UK.

Thanks for the detailed answers!

There are still few old or not updated devices in Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, not sure personally elsewhere. Maybe some of them already updated.

This is very rear now in Greece, just think that 92% of all card payments in 2020 were contactless.