Pin needed?


So I’m new opened virtual account topped up and ordered new physical card which has arrived. Do I receive a PIN in the post to activate the account? Like normal credit/debit cards?
Regards Lucinda


No. You already set up a pin code in the app when ordering the new card


Oh I see so it mentions using card for 1st purchase? Do I need to?


Yes. You need to make a chip and PIN (preferably a small withdrawal) using the card to fully activate it.


Thanks so much so a bank withdrawal of say £10?


Yes. Or even less (idk what’s the minimum in UK).
Or try a POS payment using chip+PIN (but some people reported failure on this sometimes if they didn’t used an ATM).


I’ll try at ATM first and if not a shop. Thanks


Will any ATM work in UK?


Yes, any ATM will work :slight_smile: .