PIN codes longer than four digits


Does Revolut support PIN codes longer than four digits? If not, why not?


Great idea, I’m for it because I always use Fingerprint. :slight_smile:


I was thinking more of the ATM PIN :relaxed: I use Fingerprint myself: and in that regard, I wish the screen animations were a bit more elegant :slight_smile:


At this stage no - the passcode has to be 4 digits.

Why you would like o have more than 4 digits passcode? What about pattern code?


I use a pattern code for speed but in my experience it is easier to remember a pattern when I see someone else carrying out theirs. A four digit code is always easy to remember but making it five makes it more difficult.


Ok thank you.

We’ll take it on board :r:


I am fine with the four-digit passcode for accessing the app. But I would like to use a longer PIN code at ATMs. Is this already possible? I have to admit that I have never tried changing it.


I have tried changing PIN to 6 digits at the nearest ATM. It works at ATMs, but when I try to pay for something at the terminal, my 6-digit PIN is getting rejected by it. After changing it back to 4 - works normally.

What I haven’t checked is whether the Revolut app reports that 6-digit PIN and not something else (my hypothesis is that it’s getting truncated to 4 digits or something like that). Also, I haven’t checked if entering the first 4 digits works instead of entering all 6.

I’ll report my findings later :).


My initial guess was correct. I changed the PIN to 6 digits, but the actual stored PIN ended up with 4 digits: Revolut app reports 4, and payments work only if I enter 4.

The question is: where the PIN was truncated? Was it at ATM level or on Revolut servers?

Either way, that would be a good feature to have.