Pin Blocked


How can I get my pin unblocked?


Hello @MikeBR,

We have unlocked your PIN. Also, you can unlock your PIN to an ATM with PIN services.

Use this link to locate your nearest ATM:


Thanks, I will go and try it.
Mike B-R


Went to bank ATM on list and tried to do small test withdrawal £10.
ATM would not allow withdrawal and told me to get in touch with you


Ok, I will get in touch with you thought a direct message.


I finally go mine working again and everything is fine. You can only do it
at certain ATM’s [Not all] and you have to download the list and go to one
of the approved ATM’s otherwise you Re-Lock the pin and have to restart the
process. Remember the Password you use on your smart phone to access your
Revolt app and your PIN are not the same.


My pin is also blocked and I am still waiting a response in the support chat.

Can I get my pin unblocked please?