Pies and Autoinvest Feature

Summary: As the time goes on and we are seeing more & more innovation by fintech’s for investors. Trading212 recently launched their Pies and Autoinvest Feature for European users, similar to what M1 Finance offers in USA.

Why Revolut need these features ?
Other apps are innovating and making investing more accesible and automated by the day and providing people to wrap their favourite stocks in a pie and set auto invest feature on (on daily, weekly, monthly basis) without a cost.

Even though Revolut was early to making investing more accessible its been left behind due to lack of new core features being introduced and lack of responsiveness to user feedback and very poor in-app support.

Personal and Feedback from Friends and Family using Revolut
Self: I like Revolut for Travel and used it for investing in the past but since introduction of Pies and Autoinvest in Trading212 along with zero fee on unlimited transaction, I have moved my portfolio to Trading212 even though I like Revolut as its missing too many features, plus introduction of features like Stories is a bloatware in a Financial App.

Friends and Family They feel one can automate investing with pies and are using Trading212 for investing and their use of Revolut app is also declining by the day. Trading212 also provides a meaningfull web app thats also missing with Revolut.

References to Competitor Features Discussed above


+1 - Personally I think we are missing this.
To me, it doesn’t even have to be super smart. If we had autoinvest the dividends received into the same stocks would already be a win.

I would not change Revolut for trading212.


This one would be awesome!

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Problem with DRIP or autoinvest would be there are comission fees, so i think this would be good feautre for metal users that has unlimited comission trades for free.

Overall pies and drip is most requested feature everywhere, it makes long term investing so much easier

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@leok Partially agree