Pie chart for spending analytics

It would be nice to have a pie chart to show the spending analytics. This way we can easily see how much we spend for each category, merchant, currency over a period of week, month or any period.

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What makes a pie chart useful?

Are you implying for a way to compare the expenses for budgeting your account?

Yeah. Graphical representation i.e. Pie or column charts will be easier to compare and understand on the budget and expense analytics in comparison to the current line items.

I don’t agree. Currently, it’s easier to see hierarchy (weighting). With more categories and smaller sums per category, it’s harder to see differences between categories. It gets more messy the more categories one has. And the representation of something that’s supposed to be 100 percent but varies from month to month wouldn’t be helpful for me. I would find that somewhat misleading, even when it technically isn’t.

Of course. We can agree to disagree depending on our different viewpoints. I see that it will stand out when I can get a visual representation my expense trend instead of presenting it in words. This is similar to a powerpoint presentation. Instead of just listing the points, it will grab the attention of the audience when it is represented in graphs and pictures.

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Correct, but in my case it would be for the worse. Users use reporting differently, and some of the things I am interested in is how does spending over categories over time evolves. Did I spend more than last month for restaurants? Travel? And since the pie chart always adds up everything to a full chart, I would get huge differences in pie piece sizes that would only represent the percentage of the total spent, without any relation to actual money spent. I could have been way under budget for example in a given category this month, but the chart could show me a slice double the size compared to last month in which I overspent.

Bar graphs also don’t solve this dilemma, but their visual implications are not so strong. I would find pie charts not helpful at all to get an understanding about what’s happening with my money. They are good for some things like seeing where goes the majority of your money at a glance, but that’s it. I definitely find them more misleading than helpful.

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