Physical Visa cards look cheap :(


I have just received my physical Visa card.

I am so disappointed of its looks and quality.
It looks cheap, you can actually see how the 2 sheets of plastic were glued, the edges are not finished. I am afraid that they will come apart in my poket.
The printing has no aesthetics and is very low quality (paint and resolution). It feels like it was printed in the home basement.

To be honest, I am sure that the nice and innovative case the card comes packed in is at least 3 times more expensive.

Sorry, it may seem insignificant, but I have never seen cards so cheapo, with any bank.
If I put them side by side… the difference is even more significant.

I really hope that the next edition of cards will be of higher quality, I got used with good plastic cards, I am not happy stepping backwars.


Hello, are you talking about standard or premium cards ?


Hi there
Standard cards.


Do you have a photo ? It may be a one time issue because all my cards were and are “perfect”…



When I saw the card for the first time, I had the same impression, looks and feels cheap compared to other credit cards.


I used to use Visa Infinite cards during the past 7 years and :r: Premium card are great too ( maybe too easily scratched ) compared to them.

I have the impression that the only difference between Standard and Premium cards that could explain the quality of your card is that on Premium cards the border is also painted in black, therefore there is one layer of colour/paint for the whole card…


I don’t feel you should complain. Revolut is a free to use company and if the card works I don’t see too much of an issue. My bank cards scratch easier than Revolut cards.

You should just be glad you didn’t get the standard MasterCard. The printer used is much worse and the colors are duller.


I have many credit cards and there is no difference between any of them including Revolut


you mean UGLY,

Cheap would be mones lol


I’ve got the mastercard. My name and numbers are actually not in a straight line, it looks kinda sketchy but just can’t be arsed to order a new one :joy: