Physical standard Card requested

I have asked for a physical standard card to be sent to my place (6EURO cost) via the application. However after confirming i didn’t received any emails or confirmation…how do i know my order has been accepted? Is there a way to see my order/shipping status?
Once again the support online via chat is not answering at all. It is very strange the revolut customer service, not helping for sure.
Please advise, thanks.

After ordering, the card appears in the card section of the app. Also, fees should show up on your list of transactions.

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Thanks a lot. So i guess it means my order didn’t go well.
Is there anything i should do before ordering a physical card? for example have a virtual one first, etc. Mine is a new account created yesterday and still with verification “processing” (two days already, i don’t know why).
Please advise, thanks.

Autorisation is an automated process. If it is stuck, it might be because the provided photos weren’t well lit, sharp, readable, unaltered, uncropped. I would talk to support and sort this out first. You can provide better photos of your ID via support chat.

Ordering a virtual card before ordering a physical would result in an additional spare card fee. It is not necessary to order a virtual card first to get a physical card. But you have to have sufficient funds in your account to cover the fees. Something about 10 EUR should do it.

Hi there. You’re not able to see your card yes because your account is still unverified.

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Thank you Andreas, but can you or somebody in Revolut finally process my validation? it’s 2 days i’m waiting, and i have sent already my passport and face photo as requested. It’s obvious the automatic verification system is not working, so can somebody contact me and answer my chat via the application or at least explain what to do. Because i’m blocked now and i cannot do anything in this stage. It’s all useless so far. Please advise, thanks.