Physical Cards recipients


I have a few remote employees on my business and I want to give them a physical revolut card for their expenses.

I was wondering can I order a card for them and have it delivered directly at their adress or the cards have to be sent to my registred business adress ?

Example : My company is based in the UK and I want to send a card to the adress of my remote employee in France.

Thanks in advance for your reply

Yes you can.

How it works is you fill in the employee data in your business account and the system will send them a link on email that they follow to choose the card design and specify the delivery address. So the employee is the one who enters the delivery address for their own card.

Thank you @clns this is the correct procedure.

@Digiteck this can be done from the Cards section of the website by pressing Add new physical card.

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Thanks you both for the tips