Physical cards cost € 12,= now?

I wanted to order a second Revolut card. The VISA card I have is not always accepted in The Netherlands, so now the possibility of a Maestro is there, I would order that.

However the app indicates at first that it’s possible to order a spare card for € 6,= in the end when it comes to the actual ordering and payment it points out to be € 12,=.

Or is a Maestro card more expensive than a VISA?

First card you get is free no matter virtual or normal card,and you pay only postage .
2nd card is 6€+delivery you choose :slight_smile:


Dunno, with Premium Global Express Delivery is free, and then there’s nothing to pay for the card as well. So where’s the option to order a card for € 6,= at all then?

Please also refer to:

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It says “with Revolut Premium”… are you premium user? Obviously not. So you have to pay for card and delivery!


(Global Express is only free with a paid upgrade to Premium.)

Got it! It wasn’t about the € 6,= but I thought something was wrongly mentioned in the app. All clear now.

I just ordered a Maestro card which should enable me to use Revolut more widely in The Netherlands. A large grocery chain and some smaller merchants don’t accept my VISA Revolut card (yet).


Ha ha, I thought it was all clear.

Until I just mentioned that Revolut deducted only € 6,= for the physical Maestro card (which is my second card, as I already have a physical VISA Revolut card) :slight_smile: