physical cards are free for Italy - NO EMAIL SUPPORT??


Received an email that phisical cards are free for Italy (promotion), but the site doesn’t say so.
And the “InApp” chat is not run by a human and there are no email addresses to contact!!!
That’s a serious issue.

Misleading conditions of free physical card promotion

It seems like it’s a region-specific promotion.

To contact a Revolut customer support team member:


I am sorry but in Italy “TRANSPARENCY” in the banking is a must (compulsory by law), so there must be a document saying, "the first 10,000 cards will be issued free of charge, etc…


In the email I was notified of this promotion, I read the following:
"Affrettatati però: l’offerta è limitata e valida solo per le prime 10.000 carte: quindi solo i primi arrivati, verranno serviti! :-)"
I agree on the app it was not very clear. Anyway I tried to order it, and when I applied for the card on the app, it was written that the standard delivery of the card was 0 so I proceeded.


Hey guys, the button in the email is a deep-link straight to the app if you’re on a mobile device. Our apologies for any confusion. You can just head to the Cards section to order your free card via standard delivery.


Thanks AndreasK.
I got the same email for French as Revolut is getting an office in Paris, 10 000 free cards cards announced - I was looking forward to get one… the problem is I was still charged 6 euros when I ordered the card.

I don’t understand.

Revolut app chat support said it’s because I already have a virtual card, so it was normal to charge me 6 euros.
I really don’t understand the logic of the promotion especially when virtual cards are free in any case…

I’m totally confused.

Thanks for bringing clarity.


In Austria there is a same campaign. I informed some friends about it. I hope finally there is really no charge on it. Does somebody know in which countries does Revolut this campaign?


Let me try and clarify as far as i understand it.
The offer/promotion is that shipping fees arent being charged, BUT the spare card fee will still be charged.

So without this promotion, if you already have a virtual card, you would have to pay 6 euro spare card fee AND 6 euro shipping fee.
Now with the promotion you only have to pay 6 euro spare card fee (if you already have a virtual/physical card) or of course if you dont have a virtual card yet/delete your virtual card, theres no spare card fee and no shipping fee, so its free.

I guess the promotion is more for new users who are signing up fresh and dont have a card yet, so they can get a physical card free instead of just virtual.


Customers are supposed to guess ?


Looking forward for a clear answer from Revolut. The promotion email was pretty clear. Free means free.


That’s right, if you have already a virtual or physical card then the offer doesn’t apply.

You can terminate the virtual card and order a new physical card at no cost.

Misleading conditions of free physical card promotion
Free card

Thanks AndreasK for clarifying.
I would have appreciated the sales/marketing people to have been as transparent as you, right from the promotion email.