Physical card with premium delivery

I ordered a card with premium delivery on Saturday, should have been dispatched today according to timeline in app but hasn’t yet. What is the chance it will reach me by Wednesday night?

It depends on where you live. Delivery in Western Europe takes usually less than 24h from what I’ve experienced; so if they send it Tuesday afternoon you could get it Wednesday.

Of course if you’re the other side of the world, like in Korea for example, it’s another story…

I’m in Central/Eastern Europe. I only mention Wednesday since it was their promised advertised suggested deadline.

After finally getting to talk to a “live” agent it doesn’t look like I’ll get it until then. Not much of a loss since they’d probably block it on my trip for some reason anyway.

To Poland cards are shipped from some city near to Warsaw (I’ve forgotten the exact name). So if Central Europe means Poland-it is possible :grin: