Physical card not recognized

A few days ago I received my Revolut physical card. I tried to use it at a local coffee shop here in The Netherlands, however, the payment machine didn’t recognize my card.

Do I probably have to activate the card first? In my app the card is still shown as expected (Mar 12), could that be the problem?

Ps. Yes, I’ve added sufficient funds to my Revolut account/card :wink:

Try to make a small withdrawal at an atm to activate the card.

Did you got any specific error in the app?

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Try to purchase something with PIN first. Then you should go ahead and use it via NFC. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


@markthehipster I tried PIN, magnetic strip slide, and NFC. All with the same result, card not recognized…

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@Iskender Thnx, there’s no error in my app, all seems OK. I mentioned however that the physical cards security settings are not yet available. It says “All security options will be enabled when your Revolut card is delivered”. It looks like the app doesn’t know that my card has been already delivered…

I’ll try if the card is recognized by an ATM.

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Hmm,strange, have you tried “live agent” on support? They might be able to help you regarding this issue.

Hi there. Try to activate the card from an ATM. Keep me posted.


@AndreasK Yes, that worked out. The card was recognized and I was able to withdraw at an ATM.

All card security options are available in the app now as well. I guess it will be OK at a regular (PIN) payment machine now as well? Thnx.


Super! Yes you will be able now to use it.


Hi I’ve been locked out of my revolut account for a over 24 hours and there doesn’t seem to be anyone helping me. I tried to transfer $500 to my bank account and the app tells me I’ve been locked out for security reasons. I need access to my money urgently.

Hi Niall. Your query has been escalated and an agent will be in touch with your shortly.

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Unfortunately, it’s not solved @AndreasK :frowning:

I’ve tried to use the card today at two different merchants here in The Netherlands, and with both the Revolut was not recognized. Neither NFC, nor chip, nor magnet stripe.

Strange, as the withdrawal at an ATM yesterday was successful…

Any idea how to solve this now?

Best, Gerard

Can we get in touch via DM, so I can take a closer look at what’s going?

I’ll give it a try @AndreasK

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I have the exact same problem… Were you able to fix it?

It wasn’t solved but it wasn’t totally a Revolut card issue either. Some of the merchants here in The Netherlands just don’t accept the (in my case VISA) Revolute debit card (yet).

Revolut even sent me a second physical card, which had the same results however.

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You should be able to get a maestro card.

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I didn’t know these were available for The Netherlands already.

Thnx, Gerard.

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