physical card instead virtual

I am planning to make a trip in europe so i think that a physical card may need it.
So i go to cards, i choose “standard delivery” i tap next,
i put my desired pin,
and i got the following message,

“Virtual card conversion is unavailable. Please order a new physical card instead”

What is my next step in order to get a physical card?

You can either proceed, and have two cards (physical and virtual) or cancel virtual card and order plastic.

if you read carefully my message, you can assume that i cannot proceed, so please if anybody can give me a solution please answer my question.

First you choose what kind of card you want right? Then you choose to pay an amount of money to get the car shipped? After that you choose design? And choose delivery method right?

I have a virtual card already and i want a physical card too, thats my questions,
it does not allow me for a physical card cause i have the above message in quotes…
So ny questions is,
can i have a physical card if i already have a virtual card, and how?

Yes you can. I have both. How does you page “cards” looks like in the app? Don’t you have a + in the upper right corner? Tap that and choose “physical” then you should be given the options I mentioned earlier.

Ok by this way it proceed it!
But they charge me 6 euro + 6 euro
is this normal?

Only 6€ I think. 6€ for the card and I think you can order free shipping. Don’t know if that replies in all countries.

so why they charge me 6 euro plus 6 euro like it appears in the screenshot?

Don’t know if free delivery is in all countries. In Norway you just pay for the card

This was a temporary marketing campaign in new markets. The delivery fee is standard for physical cards. All regular fees can be found in the FAQs. :wink:

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what do you mean by temporary?
they just charge me 6 euros to edit the card and 6 euro to send it.

The marketing campaign that suspended the 6 EUR shipping fee for new users in some markets was temporary. When Revolut officially started in Germany for example, they would sent out cards for a certain number of new users for free.