Physical card free for first Irish users - not free in app


Got the email to sign up for the first issued physical cards in Ireland which are free for 10k users. Went to app immediately, cards section, still being charged EUR6, whats up?


Having same experience here.
Is all card gone in matter of 1 hour?


Having the same problem, was on the app within 5 minutes of getting the email but it wasn’t there then either


Have a look on - some joy there with this.


Hey guys!

The button in the email is a deep-link straight to the app if you’re on a mobile device. Our apologies for any confusion.

You can just head to the Cards section to order your free card via standard delivery.

Please not only the first card is free!


Andreas K.


Why isn’t there a free delivery option?


It’s only free for premium users.


Maybe it shouldn’t be.

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