Physical card deleted


Hi all, why creating my account I applied for a physical card, which costed me 6 eur for delivering, by mistake I deleted it few minutes later (not practical with the app yet) but the fee were not refunded. I would like to have it back, in pipeline for delivery but I don’t know how to do it, with no extra fees. Anyone experienced it? Thanks a lot


Hey @P1tts :slight_smile:

It has been recently discussed here that deleted cards can be relinked. Get in touch with support clicking the Support button on the More tab of the app and then typing live agent or wait for the ever-helpful @AndreasK :wink:


@Juliopp thanks a lot, super fast! I’m totally new and I was lost… @AndreasK waiting for you :sweat_smile:


Please see post below.


It happened to me…
How can I fix it?


Write them in the App-Support Chat. They should be able to relink your card to your account