My photo in my Passport and Driving Licence are not clear and therefore not accepted - what can I do ??


Take other photos of the docs


Provide well lit, sharp, readable, uncropped photos that aren’t altered with photoshop.


The problem is that the photo’s on my D l and PP are not clear and those are the only docs that are acceptable !!!


That’s weird. Photos on passports has to be clear in order to be accepted anywhere, not only for Revolut.
I’d recommend changing the passport if this is the case OR for Revolut use the current one but download the picture which is inside (you can do this with an android NFC enabled phone) and send that too.


I only changed it a couple of months ago and was rather surprised the photo was not clear !! I have used it twice and had no problems though !!


If they really are that bad, you might want to complain to whatever authority made your passport to get a new one. Most border controls might let it go, but if you end up stuck one day because of this, that will be a real pain.


Yes, that is good advice !! Thankyou !!