Phone was stolen in Argentina


As above… I still have my Revolut card…

I have had to buy new phone with Argentinean number…when I downloaded the revolut app on the new phone…it only allows access to the app by sending a code to the number of the stolen phone, which is obviously useless now to me.

How can I gain access to the app using my new phone?


Hi @Keltbrat,

Really sorry to hear. Please contact our support team via the in-app support chat so we can provide the sms code.


Andreas K



Thank you for your swift reply.

I cannot complete your recommendation to contact i the in app support, as I cannot log into the app. When I tried, it asked for my phone number. When input my phone number (the number I used on the phone that was stolen) it sent a six digit code to that phone…

So, you see because I do not have access to that phone, I can not retrieve the access code.

Is there anyway I can get a code sent to my email? Or any other solution how I may log into my revolut account?

Thank you for your help on this matter.