Phone support

I think it’s time… with 20M+ users and growing, I think it’s time :r: seriously consider adding phone support; at least for premium/metal users.

Yes, chat is good, but sometimes, having a voice conversation is really the best way.


I’m quite the opposite. Rather send a message and get on with my day.

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I’m not talking about replacing chat support. I think their coexistence would help a lot. Plus, being able to talk to a representative buffs credibility and faith in :r: based on my research around Reddit.


Also, Revolut should start location based customer service teams.


I’ve been DMing with low-level CS agents for almost 3 weeks. Two lost transactions totally £2K. They cannot provide me with any hard information; I’m told that the money will come today, and then it won’t, but, like, thanks for my patience.
This place is a joke.

Raise a complaint if you’re unhappy with the service.

I raised a 3 page complaint. But I shouldn’t have to go to such lengths for a fintech company to provide information e.g., a transfer code.

True. Hopefully resolved soon enough.