Phone stolen


Hi, my girlfriend’s phone had been stolen, she wants to connect to Revolut on my phone but the verification code is sent to her stolen phone.

Is there a way of getting that code ?

I’ll appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


She can put her replacement SIM temporarily in your phone.


Install the app on your phone. Then tap sth. like “change phone number” on the welcome screen and go from there.

This will only work if you do not also have an account. The same phone number can’t be associated with two accounts.


Thanks for your answer, she doesn’t have her replacement SIM yet and won’t have one for the next days…

I saw that there’s a way to get it via DM (which stands for ? :)) : Stolen phone and card. How do I access account

@AndreasK ?


There is. Support can provide it to you. Do you have an account? You could contact support this way also. And on Twitter / Facebook.


I can send you the sms code via DM. Are you able to contact via a DM?


Yes I do
How can we proceed ?