Phone stolen, log in impossible on my new phone


Hi there,

I’ve got my phone stolen yesterday and with my new one today, I just can’t log in with the Revolut app. Indeed, I’ve just got a screen with “Hi, welcome to Revolut!” and no possibilities of logging in.

Can you please help me here?

Thank you


Hi, I have the same problem. On first login screen, click the link to change number and on that screen login with old phone nr. You"ll get inside app chat.

However, appchat is overloaded or something because I am now waiting on their reply since 12 hours.

I love revolut and its great there is pain from growing, good sign, and I am sure they will fix the broken support soon.

Good luck


Yeah hopefully… coz I can’t do anything right now. I sent them something on Facebook, let’s see how it works.


Hi , how do I contact someone if my phone was stolen ? I need to contact revolut asap .


Hello ? I need to talk to someone from Revolut


Got similar issue. Just changed devices from iOS to Android and even since then cannot login to the app. Got the error “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again again later”. Installed and reinstalled the app, got the latest version and still nothing - cannot login to the app