Phone stolen, can no longer access account


Hi, my phone was stolen a few days ago and i’m trying to open the app on my other phone, but it says that my code is wrong once i’ve entered the number. Please help. Thanks.


Which code do you mean? From SMS or your own set up in very first time?


Hey, you should contact :r: through Facebook or Twitter, it’s usually really fast.


Also for the future. It is a good idea to have Revolut running on your laptop through an Android Emulator. Then you will always have some kind of access.


Do you have a new sim card?


Thanks for the responses. Ok, so it’s all a bit of a mess. I’ve been abroad for a few months, and my usual phone number doesn’t accept SMS outside Europe so before my phone was stolen I changed the number on my account to another one, which does accept SMS. Now, when I enter this updated number into the new app it asks for a code (before any mention of sending me a SMS) which apparently isn’t the one I used on my previous app. It doesn’t recognise it. However, if I put my old telephone number in, it recognises the code I enter afterwards, but then tells me that it has sent me a SMS, which in this instance I’m unable to receive.


Yes I’m using a new SIM card of the previous phone number. (The one that doesn’t accept SMS outside of Europe).


Noted for the future, thanks.


If you contact Support they can give you the code. So you can still use your original Sim :slight_smile:


Only thing is, I have no phone to contact support while outside of Europe.


I mean that I can’t make phone calls on this phone while outside of Europe.


But Revolut’s support is available via app only. Not via phone. By phone you can only block your Revolut card.
You can ask for help on Twitter or Facebook too.


Hi @Nickyp. You can access your account on another device by logging in with the phone number linked to your account. Once you get to the 6 digit code screen, wait 2 minutes to get to support chat. An agent will be able to provide you with the code to log in.


Great, I spoke to support. Thanks Jessica.