Phone stolen: access Revolut account ?

My phone was stolen. I’m trying to access my Revolut account on another smartphone with another number (as I don’t have a replacement SIM card). I clicked ‘Changed phone number’ but then it asks a pin code and when I enter mine, it says the combination number/pin is incorrect !!
How can I access my account ?

Have a look here

thank you… But I can’t do what is described on the post: it says:
1. Contact support and wait
_ Try to log in with your old phone number and, when you’re asked for the pin, do not type it, but click Forgot? and then Support. You’ll be able to reach the support chat there_
But whan I click on ‘Forgot’ it only asks me to enter my last topup amount (which I don’t remember) => no possibility to click on SUPPORT

How can I do ?

@AndreasK could you maybe help me please ?

Good move there :call_me_hand:
Hope you get sorted

So… Anyone has an idea to help me ?? thanks

Try @JessicaZ
Who may be able to help

Hi there. You can access your account on another device by logging in with the phone number linked to your account. Once you get to the 6 digit code screen, wait 1 minute to get to support chat. An agent will be able to provide you with the code to log in.