Phone stolen abroad! **URGENT**


my phone was stolen abroad and I can’t access my account. I really need to login to make a top up as I am running out of money. How can I solve this!? Please help!

P.S. it really sucks you don’t have desktop access! makes no sense! I’m lucky my card was not stolen!


hi if you have noted down the personal account/sort code of your GBP account you can make a bank transfer from your online banking to the account at your name. Same for EUR now. Without the need of a phone.


Suggestion: Revolut should have a way, for example a special email address where an account owner (identified by the email address corresponding to the one registered to the account) could send an email (example something like: WhatIsMyAccount@ and would get as an autoresponse its bank coordinates in all supported currencies to TopUp in case it had lost the phone and hasn’t noted down them somewhere else - or added to the online bank address book - in advance.


also, what would be the emergency procedure to order a new emergency card while travelling if both phone and card are lost ?


Like any other bank, everyone should have the number of your own account somewhere. Phones get lost, broken, without battery, stolen… Can’t rely just on a phone to access your money.
I leave the details in the cloud, so I can check my account number from any computer or phone. Also travel with a backup Revolut card, besides my bank cards. The last thing you need when traveling is to try to get a new card shipped to you as you’re likely moving places, not having a reliable address to receive delayed shipping, etc.

But! Revolut is all about evolution, so if they make it even easier to access things without a phone and abroad, awesome.