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Hi I hve called the uk phone number as I was wanting to open a business accountand I have blocked my card!
Is there a phone number or not?
Our app chat does not work, robot or what ever.
Kind regards


Hey @06tendax :slight_smile:

If you have blocked your card, you can unblock it by yourself from the Cards section, clicking the Unfreeze card button :wink:

Apart from that, no, there’s not a phone number you can call, but you can tell the robot live agent to be transferred to one, or you can also reach :r: through Twitter:


For some reason the app has a bug. I can not tip any more under that chat of the robbot.
I am still waitting for an agent to reply because the robot is not relly usefull.


Ok you might know the amswer as I am talking to an human.
I need to transfert money in India. I have got some USD is it possible , with a bisiness account (in am based in the UK)?


Hello Are you still here?
The rot chat Application is not working.


Sorry I realised that you are not working for the company!


There is not client service in this company…


Hey @06tendax :slight_smile:

I am here. Eating a sandwich. Indeed, I’m a customer, not an employee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Base on what the FAQs say, you’re able to send USB from a business account and INR (India) is not a restricted destination, so it should be possible:

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I literally just mentioned two ways of getting in touch with them, but here you have another 4 ways, just in case:


Thanks for the info!

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You are much faster than Client service and Bot!

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