Phone number problem



I am French and I was living in the U.K. when I opened my Revolut account with an English phone number. I moved back to France, I changed my phone number for a French one and I don’t have access to my old English number anymore…
When I am trying to log in the app asks for a 6code number sent to my old number… what can I do ? I still want to use my Revolut card and account :confused:



Hello @Kadoma,

I’ll get in touch with you via direct message so we can change the phone number associated with your account.


Andreas K.


Hi I am also having problem with the phone number and can’t access the app


Can someone please help with my problem

Andreas I am abroad with a new telephone number and for some reason to access my app it is asking me for a code they are sending to a phone I cannot access. I can’t get into the app at all and need to know what’s in my account. Many thanks


@Fab please contact the in-app support or write a PM with all the details to @AndreasK and the :r: team. They are happy to help.


Hi. Can’t access in app support that’s the problem. How do I send a direct message to Andreas?? Thank you for your help


you click on the name where I linked his profile and then a pop-up is showing where it says message in the very right corner.


Sorry can’t see where it says message to send Andreas a message


Hi Andreas. I have the same problem with my phone number. I cannot access the app because I cannot retrieve the code from my other phone number. Desperate to access my account


Hi @Fab, There where it says message… I just clicked on the blue highlighted username.


Different phone number

Hello - also looking to resolve the very same problem after moving back to the UK… Can’t see how to send a PM either when clicking on Andreas’s name - there is no option. Any help would be appreciated


I’m in a similar situation. Can you please get in touch with me? I can’t find a way to PM you.


Sure! I will get in touch with you via a direct message.