Phone number problem


I am French and I was living in the U.K. when I opened my Revolut account with an English phone number. I moved back to France, I changed my phone number for a French one and I don’t have access to my old English number anymore…
When I am trying to log in the app asks for a 6code number sent to my old number… what can I do ? I still want to use my Revolut card and account :confused:



Hello @Kadoma,

I’ll get in touch with you via direct message so we can change the phone number associated with your account.


Andreas K.

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Hi I am also having problem with the phone number and can’t access the app

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Can someone please help with my problem

Andreas I am abroad with a new telephone number and for some reason to access my app it is asking me for a code they are sending to a phone I cannot access. I can’t get into the app at all and need to know what’s in my account. Many thanks

@Fab please contact the in-app support or write a PM with all the details to @anon33247966 and the :r: team. They are happy to help.

Hi. Can’t access in app support that’s the problem. How do I send a direct message to Andreas?? Thank you for your help

you click on the name where I linked his profile and then a pop-up is showing where it says message in the very right corner.

Sorry can’t see where it says message to send Andreas a message

Hi Andreas. I have the same problem with my phone number. I cannot access the app because I cannot retrieve the code from my other phone number. Desperate to access my account

Hi @Fab, There where it says message… I just clicked on the blue highlighted username.


Hello - also looking to resolve the very same problem after moving back to the UK… Can’t see how to send a PM either when clicking on Andreas’s name - there is no option. Any help would be appreciated

I’m in a similar situation. Can you please get in touch with me? I can’t find a way to PM you.

Sure! I will get in touch with you via a direct message.

Dear Andreas,

I have the same issue. I do not have access to my old phone number and thus cannot update my personal data with my new phone number. Can you please contact me as well? Thank you in advance!

Hello @anon33247966, I have a problem with the phone number

Hello AndreasK I have a problem with the phone number

Hi @anon33247966 I cannot open account via phone with my mobile. Can you please help to review and advise what’s the matter is? Thanks thanks

Just a thought, in the app my phone number does not have the leading 0.

Hi, i have the same problem here

Can someone please give me a phone number I can call and speak to someone in person