Phone number is invalid


I’m in Toronto, Canada. I keep getting this message after entering my valid phone number of +1416*******.

Please advise.



@OnSpec Have you changed your phone number on an existing account? Or are you trying to register with this?


I am trying to register with this phone number. I would think you’d be able
to see it in your log files.



As you have not provided the complete number I am unable to see it. Do you have a number within the EEA you can register with?


You know Larysa, Revolut is one of the poorest “user experience” companies
I’ve ever had the displeasure to almost work with.

Have gone to a competitor.

Good riddance.


I am very sorry to hear that, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. As we only support accounts in the EEA, you would need a valid EEA number to set up the account. If you’re traveling to Canada later and have a temporary Canadian SIM, we can update this for you.


When I enter my phone number to log in (UK number) it says invalid? How can I log in? I have not changed my phone number either.