Phone number Input Field not accepting US phone numbers


Received the mail to signup for US account but when I enter my US phone number Country Code shows up as +44 even when I enter +1.


I first tried a ProjectFi mobile number (Google Voice) and it did not work. I then used my usual AT&T cell number and there was no problem


I selected the country code again by searching for “United States”, then I entered my phone number in and it SAYS it worked. But then I never received a text. I’ve tried this a few times - same result :frowning:


Same problem- not the best launch in the USA


I downloaded app, then signed in online, and requested 5 6 digit codes none of which are accepted. Boo!


That’s the way to do it. download the app from App Store. The link is still
buggy though. :slight_smile:


I keep trying and it also places a 44 in front of my number. It also lights up when I only have a few numbers in so it is coded for less than a full US phone number.


downloaded from Google Play and was able to sign up but app not open to US Residents yet so I’m in the queue now.