Phone number changed - help

Hi I have changed my number and not updated my mobile number on the account how can I get through to my old account?

Hello @Natalie_lang :slight_smile:

Please check this post:

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Hi there,

Shoot me a message so that I can change that for you.



hello Jessica ,

I moved In New Zealand and changed my number.
Could you help me to change my old number to the new one please.

I cannot go on my apps anymore…

thank you

Hi there, I’ve reached out via private message!



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@jessicaszabla can you PM me too I’m having a nightmare changing my number and keeping my account connected. Followed the forum instructions and ended up with two accounts and an unlinked and unusable card.

Help would be good as I’ve tried the in app support for a week

Hi can you please help me with this? Thank you!