Phone number already registered

Help- I can’t log into the app. It asks for my phone number then sends a code then displays ‘phone number already registered’…? I just want to access my account that’s already set up!

Hey @Zeewhizz :slight_smile:

I’d suggest uninstalling and reinstalling :thinking:

Else, if that doesn’t work, and as this forum is not closely monitored, you might get a faster answer through Twitter:

Hi there. Did you follow @Juliopp advises?

I am trying to register my phone number for an account, but seems like this phone number was used by someone else before and Revolut is not allowing me to register a bank account on that. Any help? Can I verify with Revolut in some way so that they can associate this number with me?

Thanks for help

Hello @Ayesha :wave: Welcome to our community.

Please find the answer to your question in this link provided.

Hope this help. Please feel free to reach out to us for any concerns. :smiling_face:

Veda | Community Team