Phone is dead how to access account?


My phone is dead… but should be up and running next week… how can i access my account before then?

I have seen support requesting a direct message, but there doesn’t seem to be that functionality for me here (signed up to the boards 3 days ago).

How do i proceed from here?



You could temporarily install an Android emulator on your desktop and run the application from within there.

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I cannot unfortunately… work computer… cannot install anything :frowning:

Check if some Android emulator comes with a portable version not requiring an installation. Otherwise, different computer?

Will check thanks for the help.

I’d also appreciate an official response… e.g. there has to be a plan B built into the system somewhere :slight_smile:

Sure, @AndreasK

Though, AFAIK there is no alternative at the moment (e.g. web-based), it only works via the applications on iOS and Android.

That’s my understanding also.