phone insurance pricing when changing the country

Sooooo I got pissed

Ok. I got an S10+ in Mexico. Made an insurance.

Moved to Poland last week

My insurance is still charged in RON. Almost nothing wrong until…

Until you realize you don’t hold funds in RON because you don’t live there anymore so logically there’s no reason to have funds in that currency. Ok? Not…

My insurance is charged every Friday.

The baaaaaaad thing is that is charged in RON. The balance goes below 0 AND i CAN NOT USE any card even if I have 2000+ PLN in polish zloty account.

Imagine, you go out for drinks, the last thing to think about is to exchange from PLN to RON for that damn insurance at 01:00am. Like, that fking right moment when you’re already drunk, you wanna get a drink and… SURPRISE!

Cards don’t work if ONE balance is below 0.

Yes. I tried contacting support and escalated to “supervisor”(like wtf, we do get only newbies?!). I asked for a TL. there’s no TL.

No solution till now. The girl from support even pleaded guilty (gosh, that’s something you learn in CSR: NEVER SAY “I’M SORRY”)

I’m pissed and I’m having a party on friday :man_facepalming:

@AndreasK any thoughts about? this might be something undocumented but is really very annoying.

ps. I really checked the time, is at damn 01:00am. Like, couldn’t be worse…

Is it possible to set up ‘standing orders’ to different currencies? For instance “transfer 500zl to RON on Friday”

Sounds very inconsistent… we’ve established in Possibility to choose which account to pay from, put the control in my hands that Premium fees are taken from the first available balance.

If insurance fees don’t behave the same, that sounds like a bug, or at least something confusing for users.

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I have nothing to do woth RON now so I earn in PLN, I wouldn’t exchange to RON just to have something to do.

I hope is fixed till Friday otherwise I also hope my new bank debit card will arrive :rage:

What bank are you going with this time? I’m trying to get rid of my accounts :sweat_smile:

So why not put the right amount into your RON account? Or cancel the insurance and start a new one? I can see it’s laborious but I can’t see an real issue.

What exactly is the issue?

I’m not gonna change to RON. RON is out of discussion.

I already proposed to cancel and re do in PLN. They don’t want.

Similar example:

You want to buy something online in Chinese yuan. But first you have to exchange from your currency to yuan because your card doesn’t know to do that. Annoying? Yes. Even tho you could do it. It’s still annoying.

If it happens again on Friday, I’ll ask support to exchange for me. Will I be annoying? Yes. Hope they’ll feel it.

@Recchan millennium. But that because Revolut’s local accounts in pln are kept in a ghost bank that I don’t trust :joy: plus they use currency cloud for local transfers too so important details get lost

Well. A contract is a contract. Put the insurance amount in your RON account and forget about it. Not worth your time.