Phone broken, no access to my account


I have broke my phone last week and so cannot log into my Revolut account.
I need to see my balance and pay my rent aswell really soon.
Can someone help me pleeeeease ? It’s really urgent :slight_smile:

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Can you borrow someone’s phone and download the app temporarily there?

The only persons I can take their phones, they already have Revolut on it with their account…

This only person could log out and let you log in :wink:

If you switch the SIM also, you will be able to get the security code. Or you could use another old phone to receive the text.

Can I receive the code they ask to log in on another phone ?

Phone yes, number no. Simply pop your SIM card into another phone, install the application and you should be good to go.

Hi there. You can access your account on another device by logging in with the phone number linked to your account. Once you get to the 6 digit code screen, wait 2 minutes to get to support chat. An agent will be able to provide you with the code to log in.

Let me know if you need any help.