Phone broken, how to access revolut account



My phone has broken and I cannot access the app or top up my card.
I’ve read you can do it without the app but how?




Topping up via bank transfer still works.


how though without a phone?


Well, sending money to a Revolut account works like any bank transfer – without having access to the receiver’s mobile banking. One would need the account details, of course. Maybe you could look them up on a bank statement from an earlier transfer?


I can help you :slight_smile: Drop me a direct message please!


Hi Andreas. Just one small point. How do I contact you directly


Tap on his name, then a message button appears.


HI Frank, Maybe its because i’m a newbie or just not got the head for it but when i tap on his name/profile picture just get a nice screen of info about Andreas himself


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Just found a solution guys. You just need to install BlueStacks on your computer :slight_smile:


Many thanks. Put a separate item on the forum to see if i can attract some support attention


HI @Omagad - :thinking: can you expand please.


BlueStacks is a free windows application. You just have to download it. When it’s ready and install, you need to connect to a Google account ( ) and download Revolut App on it. Enter your phone Number and you’ll receive a Revolut security code on your phone ( YES you have to do this before losing your phone :smiley: ). And after that, you can access and manage your Revolut account like on your phone! You can reboot your computer and they’ll only ask for your 4 digital number when you want to access the virtual Revolut App


Thanks @Omagad, Done. Works a treat. Much appreciated advise.:heart_eyes::star:


Hi Omagod,

I tried to do this but when I downloaded Bluestacks and went to set it up (adding my gmail to it) it just went to a continuous loading screen when clicked on sinc with apps.
do you know how I can access it?


done it woooo don’t worry,

thanks so much for advice