phone being repaired can't access account


how do you sort this? - if you have no phone and the sim in your old one wont work with other phones then you are effectively locked out of your account - its madness


Madess? Isnt that a bit of a strong word

Why cant you use the SIM card in another phone?


It is madness that if you lose your phone or break it then you are locked out of your money - anyway whatever semantics you use it is a big issue if your sim wont work on another phone as is the case here.


Again, why does it not work in another phone? All you need to do is pop in the card into another phone - and if no verification via SMS is necessary not even that. Also, card transactions should work.


Have tried 2 phones so far ones and as I said it says sim wont work in these phones


Probably a netlock. You’ll need to use a phone that is unlocked.


Yep - but of course the bigger point is that an online presence would cut out this issue -its greta service just a bit limited esp as phones get lost broken etc and very often carriers lock their phones



That has already been suggested and I wouldnt be surprised if Revolut implemented it at some point but for now it is very phone-centric. You can always contact support.


Well, access to a certain phone number is a critical security feature for 2 factor authentication. Without this, taking over someone’s account would be really easy. Some banks like N26 “hardlock” a specific hardware phone to an account, Revolut “just” uses the phone number, so you’re quite flexible and can even install the app on more than one phone if you like, as long as you have access to the phone number used for the account set up.

If you do not have access to this number anymore, there is a solution for this. Install the app on any new phone and tap “change phone number” on welcome screen.


Additional tip is to find an android emulator and log in to Revolut. That way you will have a backup if you loose your phone or it breaks next time.

I use on my Mac