Phisical card issues delay in fast release payment

I’m Marco Mastroddi. I joined Revolut and ordered the phisical card because I was waiting to leave for Mexico. Where I currently am.
I payed for fast delivery in order to receive the card before leaving. When I was ordering the card, the date of delivery was January the 9th, exactly 2 days before my Flight, so I decided to pay for fast delivery.
Unfortunately I haven’t received my card before my departure.
Now, I like to received the refund of the difference between normal and fast delivery. I think you should not promise something that you cannot afford.
Despite this, I’m happy to use Revolut and holefully to have my phisical card…

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Is there anyone able to answer me?

Nobody is answering anybody it’s a joke we are all just left waiting

It means they don’t mind having unhappy costumer.
I will not use their service until they answer.