Philippine ATM Issues

I’ve found only a couple of banks here in the Philippines that accept my card. BPI & BDO They both charge 200 Peso (£3.10) for withdrawals.

It is quite frustrating when travelling to small towns but otherwise i get a great rate.

Hi @johnnyinasia,

Thank you for letting us know.

Could you please share your experience here: List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

I have had the same issue. Just tried 3 different atms in the airport that it didn’t work with, will keep a look out for the above two!

Really sorry to hear that.

Please try ATMs approved by MasterCard

Most of the ATM are approved my MasterCard but only allow Philippine issued cards, the 2 I stated in my first post allow cash withdrawal.

Yes Philippine banks systematically charge foreign banks of 200php per cash withdrawal. It doesn’t depend on Revolut and it is the same for any foreign bank.

However Revolut doesn’t charge any fee, unlike the other banks, and you can pay with your card without any fee, even from Philippine banks :slight_smile:

So better withdrawing all your cash in once to pay 200php only once. Plus, sometimes banks have service interruptions there, so don’t count on their availability too much !

It’s fairly common for ATMs in some South-east Asian countries to have smaller transaction limits, which we cannot control.

@Pleymor well said :slight_smile:

As far as I know, I only know 2 banks that for sure does not charge a 200 peso fee for withdrawals with non-filipino issued cards and that is Citibank and HSBC.

Filipino banks usually have a 10k limit per transaction wheras Citibank has 15k and HSBC 40k.

Unfortunately, you only find Citibank and HSBC in the major cities. Citibank is not even in Davao anymore - they closed their branch on Rizal street a few years ago.

I have not tried using a Revolut-MasterCard myself to withdraw money in Philippines, but other cards with no withdrawel fees except for the exchange-rate mark up (1.75 %).

Thanks for the heads up on Citibank. Metrobank now accept Revolut which is a plus for me as that’s the only bank available to me at the moment.

I can confirm that HSBC ATM’s do not charge the 200 peso fee on Revolut cards. I have made several withdrawals and and have got very close to interbank rates as per XE for Phillipine Peso withdrawals.

Hi there, that’s great to hear about Metrobank. Do you know if Metrobank charge for withdrawals?

All banks except HSBC charge for atm withdrawals.

Traveling here now. Tested all ATMs. Hating them.

Fees are 250 pesos now…

Yes, tried last time I went in the Philippines (15 days ago) and I got a 200 fee from Metrobank. I’ll try citibank and HSBC!

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Also Citibank charged the fee?

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Yes. Since last year.

HSBC is the only one which won’t steal your money


Mostly bank here in Philippines charged 200pesos every widrawal.

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What my friend and I did in the Phillipines in '14 was to go online and find a voucher for WesternUnion that gave a free transfers, and then use our card on their site. Then we would go to the WU office and get our money, no fees and exact amount :slight_smile:

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Or another option is to make a GCash MasterCard and send online big amounts via money gram (7$/1000) because the ATMs in PH won’t give you more than 150 (or 200)$ at once and also holding big amounts in cash is not a good idea.

Hi everyone.

I’m in the Philippines myself right now and since I came to this forum to find some information, I thought I might as well registered and share some more info so it can be useful for others.

Other than BDO and BPI, I’ve found out that also PNB works with Revolut (same story, up to 10.000 pesos and 250 on commission).

Thanks everyone for the information.

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