Phantom account


I tried to use the app while abroad (Sri Lanka) but I’d forgotten that I’d temporarily changed my SIM card (for a better roaming rate). The app asked me for details as if I was a new user, which I completed before I realised what was happening. This has left a phantom account still waiting for verification. Not a problem for me except that I now get regular emails titled “Guess who’s back…again!” asking me to complete the verification. How can I kill that account and stop this happening ?


Hey there @cmsjw5 :slight_smile:

The app will check if the number you wrote is from a customer or if it is a new one and it will act accordingly :wink:

You could have reached support so they would have changed you account’s phone number, but if you want to “kill” :hocho: that account now, I would suggest asking the in-app support team through the Support button, in the More tab of the app, saying live agent to RITA (the nice robot) :robot:

Hope you manage to get it erased :smile: