Peru ATMs card invalid

My card works ok for purchases but ATMs BCP Interbank BBVA after entering pin and amount come back with message card invalid Continental bank ATMs work ok but charge 12 soles per transaction. BCP Interbank and BBVA worked last year with no charges. The Revolut support Aleksandra comes back with I cannot see any declined attempts very helpful. A Halifax clarity card works fine in all bank ATMs I suspect the banks ATMs in Peru are stopping Revolut even getting through to Mastercard.

At least in Ecuador, some networks of ATMs were just seemingly “disconnected” from Europe and didn’t accept any foreign card that was not from South America or, maybe, the U.S. They just got rejected as invalid, no “connection” attempt was made. I don’t have the technical knowledge to explain this further.

Could this be the case?

Hi Julio

Thanks for your reply I think this has been going on for a long time going
to try on facebook to get an answer.



2022 November update for Peru ATMs. My Revolut visa card worked for chip and pin at a Plazavea supermarket, no fees. Up to 500PES was successfully withdrawn from various BCP and Banco de la nation ATMs with no fees. The card may be retained by the ATM if the pin is entered wrongly 3 times. Expect to wait a day to retrieve the card