Personalised IBAN on USD account coming soon?


for business accounts you can apply for a unique multicurrency IBAN (SWIFT)


Any news on this - is it still coming?


@AndreasK , the issue with pooled accounts is that companies and institutions mostly require an account to be open in the employee’s own name in order to pay a salary. Revolut’s name as the beneficiary and the personal reference of the Revolut user just won’t do in those cases.

I believe this also has to do with financial rules.


until :r: finally starts local operations in USA (“early 2019” being the current claim) the only alternative is to receive your USD salary at a transferwise borderless account and then transfer to Revolut for exchange.

If that USD payment comes via SWIFT (not from USA) instead of a local ABA/ACH wire, you can also get a paid freelancer business account and then apply for a “unique IBAN”, but it takes a while.


Has that changed recently? I can see an IBAN under my USD account. I’m guessing SWIFT transfers should work now?


yes, all non-business users silently got a personalized virtual multicurrency IBAN.


I just noticed this under my USD account yersterday. Whaaaat? How is this not a bigger deal being advertised by Revolut??