Personalised IBAN on USD account coming soon?


I found out that there is the possibility of a personalised IBAN on my EUR account, but not on my USD account.
On the USD account page, it is written “coming soon”.
Any idea on when this will occur?


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Hi there.

We’re working on it and it will come along with our US expansion.

Thanks for the answer.
Any envisaged timeframe? I’m asking because I am considering a transfer in USD but if I had to wait too long, it (the fees I would pay to have this transfer on another account) would not be worth the wait.

Aiming for the first half of 2018​:rocket::us_outlying_islands:

In the meantime you can use our USD pooled account.

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I am from the UK and get paid in US dollars, if my employer pays it straight in to my Revolut account will I incur any cost?

This will be a SWIFT transfer, so the intermediary bank will apply fees.

Hi @Cul8rm8,

Did you figure this out? I am from the UK too and soon to be receiving monthly salary in USD from South Sudan and am struggling to figure out the best way of doing it.


I have the USD account on my Revolut but it only gives me a Reference Number and not My Name.

USD IBAN is a pooled account and not a personal one.

I’m in the same sitution. Usd account in my name is needed in order to get my salary paid in.
From that point on I am planning exchange in EUR, SEPA transfers and swipping :r: card when needed:)

Why you cannot use our pooled account to get your salary in?

That is because my company asks an USD bank account opened in my name.
EUR account with R is nominal and I can use it but my company exchange rate from EUR/USD is 1,288 so I am loosing 4,5%.

I see. Thank you for clarifying this.

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Is it not possible to open nominal USD accounts in the same bank you have the nominal EUR accounts ?

Please bring this as soon as possible :slight_smile:
I can’t perform transfers to my broker account - because the beneficiary bank demands the account be opened in my name.

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Andrea’s how can I get a straight direct EUR IBAN account if my base currency is CHF for example? Is that possible? As I may also get paid in Euros in the future.

Thank you!

Go to the local tab of your EUR account details, then tap activate.

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Hello, do you have any updated on when we will get personal GBP and USD account with their own IBAN? I see that you were aiming for first half of 2018 but still no news.

Does anybody know if it is already possible to have an IBAN in USD personalized?


Revolut will not be providing personal IBANs on USD accounts. Revolut will instead be proving an ABA routing transit number and personal US account numbers. This is because the United States does not use IBANs. See: