Personal & Premium accounts domiciled


Where are the personal and premium accounts domiciled. In the UK, German etc.??


What do you mean? Do you want to know which bank holds the customer’s funds? Lloyds and maybe Barclays, both UK, as far as I know.


I have just set up a bank account via the app but the only account info I can see is an IBAN beginning with DE, meaning the account is domiciled in Germany. I do not want to have a German account…


Technically, it’s not a bank account right now. It’s an e money account, regulated under UK law. IBAN country codes do not necessarily mean that money is actually held in an account in that country.


Thanks for the reply but it still doesn’t answer my question. When it is an actual bank account where money arrives in and flows out, where will the account/s be based? What will the IBAN start with, what will be the BIC etc.??


Personal EUR accounts are in UK

Other accounts are pooled. RON is in Germany.
PLN AED JPY and TRY are pooled in UK at Lloyds


Thank you for answering my question! Mulțumesc…