Personal or Business account?

Hi, I work in a small company (9 ppl) and I would like to use the pre-paid card for expenses for a couple of the people who travel regularly (to pay for hotels/transport etc).

Can I use a Revolut personal card for this rather than the business one? We are talking only a few hundred dollars p/m (but the funds would come from our company bank account) so the business account doesn’t seem necessary.


It is physically possible to use it for this purpose (as in you can, if you really want to, hand debit cards to your employees for their expenditure.), but this use case is not supported for the consumer version of Revolut.

This is because:
-Revolut (the consumer version.) is registered with details of the accountholder. Therefore payments may be rejected if someone else with different details is spending with the card (e.g. If a transaction requires identity verification, and your employee providers his/her documentation but with a debit card with different details, it could be assumed by the merchant that the card itself was stolen.).
-Revolut (the consumer version) has a maximum of 2 debit cards. As far as I am aware, there is no limit to how many debit cards that a Revolut for Business customer can have.
-For the purposes of fraud prevention, banks have traditionally not allowed debit card sharing (unless the account itself is a joint account. Revolut does not support joint accounts as of right now.). Therefore if a fraudulent payment does happen, and it is found that the debit card/details of it were shared, then retail banks take less kindly to the situation.