Personal loan application refused

I’ve been trying to apply for a personal loan on revolut but my application keeps getting rejected.

I meet all the requirements for a Spanish revolut account owner yet I have no idea why the loan application isn’t accepted.

After speaking with customer support, they told me that they cannot disclose the reason of rejection (I don’t think they even know why).

Did anyone have the same experience? Could anyone help?


Hello @Ferdaws :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. We understand your concern about the application being rejected. Credit applications can be rejected for many different reasons depending on your individual circumstances, such as income, current financial commitments and credit history.

We cannot fully disclose the specific rejection reasons related to your application as the decision is based on our internal credit policy. :slightly_frowning_face:

We’re sorry that this is not the outcome you wanted and hope to be able to offer you a credit in the future. :pray:

SG | Community Team


I had a loan for a few months last year and paid it off early. I began the process of applying for a new loan last monthly and was instantly declined. My circumstances are the same as last year which proves that if you pay a Revolut loan off early, you can’t apply for credit again. They won’t confirm or deny this but has to be true.

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Hello @Kwickstone :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. We’re so sorry to hear that your loan application was denied.

Even though there are common reasons for application rejections, we can’t provide specific reasons for each case. We have guidelines in place to ensure responsible lending in line with local regulations, but we can’t disclose which rule led to a particular rejection. If your application was denied, we don’t suggest reapplying unless there have been changes in your circumstances or the information you provided before was incorrect. Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team

Revolut refer to a change in circumstances being required to reapply. Whereas it’s clear that the only difference between my accepted credit application last year and denial of credit this year is that I repaid my loan early. I’ve checked with the central credit register, have a high score and been offered credit by another bank. I’ve no doubt that Revolut are declining credit because of repaying the previous loan early and in full.

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We completely understand your concern @Kwickstone. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide detailed reasons for the rejection of your application due to our internal credit policy. We apologize for any disappointment and look forward to potentially granting you credit in the future.

SG | Community Team