Personal information revealed when using a Revolut card


When using a :r: card (physical AND virtual) to pay for an online service what kind of personal information, like my name, email address, phone number or any other personal information will be revealed??
Since I was unable to get any information from online chat for 2 days I am asking here.


MasterCard and Visa offer an identity check service. If the merchant wants, they share name and billing address. This is why some merchants ask for an address during payment process. Phone numbers and email addresses are not shared.


Oh really!? It’s Mastercard or Visa who decide which information can be revealed to merchants??
The chat support told me both cards, physical and virtual, are prepaid cards so I thought no information would be revealed. At least for the virtual :r: card…


Yes, it depends on the merchant and its payment provider. Merchants can decide if they want to do the billing address check. This is why some merchants (online shops) ask to enter a card’s billing address when entering the card numbers. This is an extra level of security for them to make shure that only the legit cardholder uses the card. If they want to use this, they most likely pay higher processing fees but also get better guarantees that the payment will be fulfilled.

Informations are not necessarily “revealed”. More about it here:


Thanks, but this is for credit and debit cards NOT for prepaid cards.

AVS verifies that the billing address of the credit or debit card matches the address that was given by the customer.

And :r: cards are prepaid.


Officially, by Mastercard’s terminology, the Revolut card is a Debit MasterCard prepaid.

Card type: debit
Cade level: prepaid

I also believe customers reported here in the forum that they were able to use the Revolut card in places where they had to carefully double check the billing address of the card. Seems like an indication that AVS is possible with Revolut cards, where customers have to verify their identity and address.