Personal GBP IBAN for UK residents.


I dont have personal GBP IBAN, it says Beneficiary Revolut and reference number pulsating. However I have personal EUR IBAN. Is this a bug or personal GBP IBANs are not available yet?

Hey @ISILDUR :slight_smile:

Not a bug at all. It’s a pooled account. However, you should also have a local account (but I’ve got no idea about personal GBP IBANs) :slight_smile:


Hi Julio. Im aware I have personal unique local gbp account. Was wondering why not have personal unique gbp iban yet when I have already personal unique EUR IBAN.

Hey again @ISILDUR :slight_smile:

I have researched a little more and edited my post in consequence, as I was seemingly mistaken.
I can’t answer your question so let’s wait a little more for someone to answer :wink:

Got answer from support. There is NO personal GBP IBANs.

Topic closed.

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